وکیل جرایم سایبری

The Universe Echoes My Majestic Theme

The Universe Echoes My Majestic Theme


O’ you whose name is the best opening ever

Without your name, never open I any letter

Brightness (is) a reflection of your face; Greatness indebted to your race

You define freshness afresh; you refine finest grace

All roads of world lead to you; in endless time and space


Lo! The sun is there to shine forever

Lo! The rain is there to pour anywhere

Shiny rainy misty day! Lo the colors all the way

O’ the soul of my souls; the code of my codes; the need of my needs

O’ the word of my words; the name of my names; the seed of my seeds


Let blooming blossoms bloom; Let flowing flowers flow

Let flourish sprouting fine trees; Let greenish foggy forests increase

Loneliness (is) onwards alone; Happiness is full-blown

“Imagine one day all the people joining the world"

"Imagine one day all the people sharing the world”


Hey, hey, now is my heyday; Nay, Nay, maybe my midway

Childhood is far far away; youth youth, maybe it is midway

I dwell on an un-trodden way today; in God trust I anyhow anyway

Let’s dream of unimagined trip; Let imagine this travel deep

I declare peace now forever; everywhere, sur la terre, sous la mer 1


Ever-evolving is a sense in my soul; Never-fading is the image of my rose

For each new rose have I a tale; Let me chant then as a nightingale

In my heart a lyric stream; And “my words music of a dream”

The whole universe echoes my majestic theme … the whole universe

This driving force; my energy source; an ambling horse; till end of my course


Death has died long ago; life revives always anew

I hear all the bells ringing; And the angels singing: what a song so soul-stirring

Let me sing a song before silence; Let me say something with burning patience

Let me ring in a new era; Let renovate all arena

Let it be called: “La Vita Nuova; … La Vita Nuova …"  2


How pleasant it is in flowery June! “When brooks send up a cheerful tune

“Is all that I see or seem; but a dream within a dream”

Murmuring merry fairy-tales; surpassing serene serenades

Your tragic farewell is sundown; Sunrise your kind smile at dawn

 ...This song will never ever end; even when I’m deadly silent



June 02, 1999

1 sur la terre, sous la mer = on earth, under the sea

2 La Vita Nuova = the new life